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AI support agents for your enterprise.
Out with the old, in with the new. True generative AI trusted by massive enterprises and high-growth startups.
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Your complete solution for the AI era.
Faster. Cheaper. Smarter.
Always Online
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True Auto-resolution
100% generative responses and actions, with no complex decision trees or canned responses needed.
Hi, I was expecting 5x points on my card for my last transaction, but only got 3x.
Hey Rachel, thanks for reaching out! I see that your last transaction was a dining purchase, which qualifies for 5x points, but only for Platinum Status Tier members.
You are currently in the Gold Status Tier, which means you currently earn 3x points on dining transactions.
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Ok, how do I get to the next tier?
Seamless Integrations
Zero-lift integrations with your existing tools and data sources. Maximize the AI's potential using your knowledge bases, APIs, and workflows.
Agent Assistance
Supercharge your team with an AI helper that will do the heavy lifting on mundane tasks and continuously learn from agents.
AI-powered Insights
Identify themes, find anomalies, and unlock your own analyses over your valuable conversations.
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It Just Works
Instant ROI on the metrics that matter
Turn your support operation into a growth driver and scale revenue without scaling headcount.
January 2025
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"Working with Decagon has been nothing short of phenomenal. The team has taken our extremely complicated data and created a tool that allows our customers to seamlessly receive help across our business."
Thatcher Foster
VP Client Solutions at Bilt